1989 Script in use

It was a good year for Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers in our Rewind year with 2 of the biggest selling singles

Black Box was the top-selling song with Ride On Time.

And in the album charts we were buying Gloria Estefan, Phil Collins, SImply Red and Jason Donovan 

But what was the year?

Margaret Thatcher completes ten years as Prime Minister – the first British Prime Minister of the 20th century to do so. But….her leadership was challenged (unsuccessfully) by 69-year-old backbencher Sir Anthony Meyer

Nick Faldo becomes the first English winner of the Masters Tournament in golf


Nigel Mansell wins the Brazilian Grand Prix.

And, in our Rewind Year, fairly new on the scene, Lisa Stansfield co-wrote and recorded a massive hit for Coldcut

Drivetime Rewind – but, what was the year?

John Craven presents his final edition of the children’s news programme Newsround.

The last episode of Blackadder Goes Forth, Goodbyeee, is broadcast on BBC1

Channel 4 begins broadcasting in NICAM digital stereo

After 17 years.Emmerdale Farm changes its name to Emmerdale 

The Guildford Four are released from prison after the High Court quashes their convictions

The police force were taking medical emergency 999 calls in London due to the ongoing strike by ambulance crews. Army and RAF troops are manning London’s ambulance services as the regular ambulance crews are still on strike.

At the Box Office, we went to see 

When Harry Met Sally

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


This one (Shirley Valentine) … but what was the year?

Drivetime Rewind – but, what was the year?

A house would have set you back around £61,495

A brand spanking new Ford Sierra was £9.50

And a pint of beer was just 96p

In the news

There were demonstrations in Bradford against The Satanic Verses, a book written by Salman Rushdie, burning copies of the book in the city streets.

The world’s first commercial Direct Broadcast Satelite system, Sky Television goes on air. Three new services – Sky News, Sky Movies and Eurosport

94 people are killed in the Hillsborough disaster during the FA Cup semi-final at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield during the FA Cup semi-final between Nottingham Forest FC and Liverpool F.C.; three more will die later of serious injuries received and around 300 others are hospitalized.

And, that wasn’t the only disaster…


On the telly…

ITV launches an omnibus edition of Coronation Street which airs on Sunday afternoons

BBC1 shows an episode of EastEnders, featuring a gay kiss – It causes uproar among viewers and in the press

Band Aid 2 had the Christmas No. 1 and the top selling toys were

Talking Alf – £27.99

Batmobile – £9.99


Motorola 9800x Flip Mobile Phone

Casio Databank Calculator Watch

And big news on the 9th November in our Rewind year

(Berlin Wall)

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