Battle of the Businesses Quiz 10

Round 1

1.(News) The prime minister is facing rebellion from his party over his plans to ban young people from ever what again?

Smoking (Tobacco and Vapes Bill)

2.(GK) Which English city is known as the birthplace of The Beatles?


3.(Maths) Which is more: 2 hours or 80 minutes?

2 Hours

4.(Geography) Which country is home to the Eiffel Tower?


5.(Sport) What colour is the centre of the target in archery?

Gold (yellow)

6.(Music) Which British band had the hits “Yellow” and “Fix You”, and the album “A Rush of Blood to the Head”?


7.(TV) Which female presenter replaced Matthew Kelly as host of “Stars in Their Eyes”?

Cat Deely

8.(T/F) In what year did the Berlin Wall come down? 1989 or 1999


9.(Food) Which ingredient can be red, green, Scotch Bonnet, or Birdseye?


10.(Easy)  Located in Australia, what is the name of the world’s largest coral reef system,

Great Barrier Reef

Round 2

1.(News) Liz Truss is endorsing which candidate to win the US presidential election?

Donald Trump (saying the “world was safer” when he was in the White House)

2.(GK) Which British author is best known for her crime novels featuring detective Hercule Poirot?

Agatha Christie

3.(Maths) Which is bigger: 5 metres or 5 feet?

5 Metres

4.(Geography) Which country is home to the Leaning Tower of Pisa?


5.(Sport) Which football team has the nickname ‘The Blades’?

Sheffield United

6.(Music) Which iconic British music venue, has hosted the Proms classical music festival every summer since 1941?

Royal Albert Hall

7.(TV) On TV – Which Martin played Judge John Deed?

Martin Shaw

8.(T/F) How many configurations does a Rubik’s Cube have? 3 Million or 43 Quintillion

43 Quintillion

9.(Food) Which condiment can be English, French, or Dijon?


10.(Easy) How many primary colors are there?


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