Battle of the Businesses Quiz 6

Round 1

1.(News) What name have the Met Office given to the storm sweeping the UK

Storm Babet

2.(GK) What is the name of the prison housed on the Isle of Wight?


3.(Maths) What is 8 x 20?


4.(Geography) What is the currency of Sweden?

The Krona

5.(Sport) In which sport would you find a Slam Dunk


6.(Music) Singer Rory Graham apparently took his stage name from his love of Steptoe and Son. What is he known as?

Rag’N’Bone Man

7.(TV) Which TV chef presents Hell’s Kitchen?

Gordon Ramsay

8.(T/F) Who is older, Sigourney Weaver or Jamie Lee Curtis

Sigourney Weaver (8 October 1949) Jamie Lee Curtis (22 November 1958)

9.(Food) From which type of flower does a vanilla pod come?


10.(Easy) According to proverb, what do birds of a feather do?

Flock Together

Round 2

1.(News) What controversial, unauthorised building has to be demolished by Captain Tom Moores family?

Spa Pool

2.(GK) According to the proverb, Necessity is the mother of…What?


3.(Maths) What is 21 ÷ 7?


4.(Geography) Area 51 is located in which American state?


5.(Sport) Danni Wyatt is a well-known name in which sport?


6.(Music) Fearless, 1989 and Folklore are all albums by which pop artist?

Taylor Swift

7.(TV) Who plays Barbie in the 2023 movie of the same name?

Margot Robbie

8.(T/F) Who is older, Patrick Stewart or Richard Gere?

Patrick Stewart (13 July 1940) Richard Gere ( 31 August 1949)

9.(Food) Which fast food chain’s slogan is ‘finger lickin good’?


10.(Easy) What does the F in UFO stand for?


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