Battle of the Businesses Quiz 7

Round 1

1.(News)Which Swedish national was arrested and charged with a public order offence after a Fossil Free London protest.

Greta Thunberg

2.(GK) In which decade was the Sony Walkman launched?

70s (1979)

3.(Maths)What is the square root of 81


4.(Geography) What is the capital of Finland?


5.(Sport) Which country’s rugby team is known as The Springboks?

South Africa

6.(Music) Which iconic rock band were Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham part of?

Fleetwood Mac

7.(TV) Who played Delboy Trotter in Only Fools And Horses?

David Jason

8.(T/F) How many keys does a classic piano have? 63 or 88


9.(Food) What type of seafood is used in the Spanish dish paella?


10.(Easy) What is Twitter now called?


Round 2

1.(News)Which online retailer has announced it will start using drones to deliver parcels in the UK from next year?


2.(GK) In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, what was Charlie’s surname?


3.(Maths) What is 6 x 12?

Seventy Two

4.(Geography) Where in the world would you find the ‘Spanish steps’?

Rome, Italy

5.(Sport) Name one of Canada’s two national sports?

Lacrosse in the summer, hockey in the winter

6.(Music) In which decade was Madonna born?

The 1950s (1958)

7.(TV) In Harry Potter, what is the name of The Weasley’s house?

The Burrow

8.(T/F) What year  was Netflix founded: 1997 or 2001


9.(Food) What did Snickers chocolate bars used to be called before the name was changed in 1990?


10.(Easy) What is the name of the toy cowboy in Toy Story?


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