Battle of the Businesses Quiz 9

Round 1

1.(News) Name the Chancellor that will be delivering Wednesdays budget

Jeremy Hunt

2.(GK) Which English town has football teams called United and Wednesday?


3.(Maths) What is the square root of 25?


4.(Geography) In which British city would you find the art gallery known as “The Tate Modern”?


5.(Sport) In which sport would competitors use a piece of equipment known as a foil?


6.(Music) Which US rock band, formed in 1976, is known for hits like “Rock Lobster” and “Love Shack”?


7.(TV) The British TV drama “Call the Midwife” is set in which London neighborhood?


8.(T/F) How many ghosts chase Pac-Man at the start of each game? 3 or 4


9.(Food) What is the only fruit with seeds on the outside?


10.(Easy) How many people are there on an English jury?


Round 2

1.(News) Raye beat the record for the highest number of BRIT Award wins in one year on Saturday – how many did she take home?


2.(GK) Which British children’s author wrote “The BFG”, “Matilda”, and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”?

Roald Dahl

3.(Maths) What is an angle called if it’s greater than 90 degrees?


4.(Geography) What is the capital city of South Korea?


5.(Sport) In which sport do teams compete to win the Stanley Cup?


6.(Music) Which British singer-songwriter had the hits “Shape of You” and “Thinking Out Loud”?

Ed Sheeran

7.(TV) Who presented The Weakest Link from 2000 to 2012?

Anne Robinson

8.(T/F) How many bones do we have in an ear, 3 or 7?


9.(Food) What meat is used in a shepherd’s pie?


10.(Easy) What is the main fruit in Ribena?


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