Gaz Coombes

  • Born Gareth Michael in Oxford on 8 March 1976
  • He is a Musician, producer, and singer-songwriter
  • His father was a food scientist, who enjoyed playing jazz piano,and his mother was an English teacher
  • At 9 he played classical piano then gradually moved on to an interest in playing guitar
  • At school he found himself being picked on for being ‘girly’
  • He first entered the music world at age 14 as the lead singer of the band The Jennifers. The band undertook a nationwide tour before he was even fifteen
  • He was under 18 when they signed a recording contract and so had to have his mum sign the contract for him.
  • He later got a job at the local Harvester and would take Jennifers demos and play them over the restaurant’s PA system before it opened. This  led to him meeting Mick Quinn, a co-worker who played bass guitar. With Danny Goffey they began to practice at Quinn’s house, and they formed Supergrass.
  • The band released their first single “Caught by the Fuzz” on small independent record label, Backbeat records, on a limited run of 500.
  • The band released six studio albums in their 17 years together, each of them entering the UK top 20
  • He received offers from Vogue and Calvin Klein to model for them in their ad campaigns and magazine publications
  • He also turned down an offer from Steven Spielberg to make a Monkees-style TV show of the band
  • In 2010, he and the rest of Supergrass announced that the band was to split after seventeen years. Musical differences were cited as the reason.
  • Their seventh album Release the Drones remains unfinished and unreleased.
  • In 2014 he recorded a cover version of The Kinks’ song “This Time Tomorrow” for a television advertisement for the UK department store, John Lewis
  • Supergrass released six studio albums, three extended plays, two compilation albums, 26 singles and 24 music videos.
  • His hits include: “Alright”, “Richard III”, “Sun Hits the Sky”, “Pumping on Your Stereo” and “The Girl Who Fell to Earth”

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