• Born Steven Patrick in Lancashire on 22 May 1959
  • English singer, songwriter and author, known only by his surname.
  • His parents were both Irish Catholic immigrants who moved to Manchester the year before he was born – so he has Irish Blood, English Heart (clue!)
  • His first job was at the Inland Revenue working as a filing clerk
  • He initially wanted to be a music journalist and busied himself writing concert reviews under the pseudonym Sheridan Whiteside.
  • He ditched his first name (Steve) and started using just his surname when he embarked on a serious music career – saying “it was such an unusual name that I thought I wouldn’t ever be confused with anybody else”
  • His first gig was T Rex in 1972. Years later he bumped into Marc Bolan and asked for his autograph – only for Bolan to refuse and walk off!
  • He came to prominence as the frontman and lyricist of rock band The Smiths and then as a solo artist
  • Their first appearance on TOTP in november 1983 brought them attention as he swung some gladioli around and pretended it was a microphone as wasn’t happy with having to pretend to lipsync
  • His music is characterised by his baritone voice and distinctive lyrics with recurring themes of emotional isolation, sexual longing, self-deprecating and dark humour, and anti-establishment stances.
  • He has been a vegetarian since the age of 11 and used his 2nd album ‘Meat is Murder’ to promote his long-held belief in animal rights.
  • One of his most enduring showbiz friendships, has been Russell Brand
  • He supported David Bowie on tour in 1995 but quit early, frustrated that Bowie kept trying to upstage him and steal the limelight.
  • He adores Coronation Street. So much so, he even asked if he could write for Corrie. He’s appeared on Brookside and turned down appearances on Emmerdale, EastEnders and Friends!
  • The BBC’s Culture Show named him second in the list of Britain’s Greatest Living Icons. He was beaten by national treasure Sir David Attenborough
  • His hits include:  “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”, “Everyday Is Like Sunday”, “You’re the One for Me, Fatty” and “This Charming Man”

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